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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Burger Culture – 3 Cole St, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
The New Yorker
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9 minutes
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If you’re in the area

Located just moments from Williamtowns’s picturesque strand with views of the bay and Melbourne skyline, Burger culture offers a large variety of beef, chicken and veggie burgers that you can either eat in or take-away. Our burger came between a sour dough blend bun and featured 95% fat free lean beef, tomato, lettuce, tomato relish, “Culture Mayo”, caramelised onion and Swiss cheese.

“To me this burger was very “safe”. It wasn’t anything special, nor was it bad. However, I found the bun too large for all the ingredients (you end up with a whole lot of bun left over). Everything was quite fresh though and I really enjoyed their tomato relish. I’m a big fan of people making their own mayo but in this case the spices they used were a little overpowering.”
“The bun was large but I thought it helped trap all of the ingredients in and stopped them from falling out. The mayo was too herby and overpowered the flavour of the swiss cheese and onion, which individually tasted great. I would order this next time without the mayo so the beef becomes the primary flavour.”
“I found all the ingredients well placed. For me, none of the flavours were overpowering and it was a good fulfilling experience. It was hard for us to decide on what burger to have; we had 8 beef burgers to choose from, not counting the chicken and vegie burgers offered. I really liked the beef and the relish. I think if I had to pick something that let it down I would choose the bun.. I found it a little stale actually. I would go back again to try the other burgers on offer. Chips were ok.”
“I understand people are health concious these days, but as one of our readers pointed out and reinforced recently, a good burger is choc-full of fat. Why kid yourself and pretend you’re having a light meal (I’m referring to their 95% fat free beef patties ofcourse). Anyhow, the New Yorker was nothing like New York. So fail right there. But they added Swiss cheese, which is always a bonus in my book, and make their own blend of mayonnaise, which I swear is Mayo + Moroccon Mix spices.”
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